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FY 2023 Exhibitions


Flyer [Japanese version][PDF/3.1MB]

  • 1st exhibition room

    April 25 (Tue) – July 23 (Sun), 2023
    Gifushin Memorial Foundation Grant Project
    The Charm of Sketches: Eizo and Toichi Kato

  • 2nd exhibition room

    April 25 (Tue) – June 11 (Sun), 2023
    Ikebukuro Art Galleries
    Ikebukuro Art Gathering selection

    June 13 (Tue) – July 23 (Sun), 2023
    Gifu Figurative Art Exhibition: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary

In session

Flyer [Japanese version][PDF/2.7MB]

  • 1st exhibition room

    July 25 (Tue) – October 1 (Sun), 2023
    Cormorant Paintings by Eizo and Toichi Kato

  • 2nd exhibition room

    July 25 (Tue) – August 27 (Sun), 2023
    Return of the New Gifu Culture Exhibition

    August 29 (Tue) – October 1 (Sun), 2023
    Keiko Aoyama: Exhibition of detailed drawing


Flyer [Japanese version][PDF/2.4MB]

  • 1st exhibition room

    October 3 (Tue), 2023 – January 28 (Sun), 2024
    Eizo and Toichi Kato
    Nitten Exhibition Works and Sketches

  • 2nd exhibition room

    October 3 (Tue) – December 3 (Sun), 2023
    Hattobi 2 Japanese painting Exhibition

    December 5 (Tue), 2023 – January 28 (Sun), 2024
    Mihoka Kataoka Exhibition: “Everyday Life and Humor”

  • 1st exhibition room

    From January 30 (Tue), 2024
    Eizo and Toichi and Associated Artists

  • 2nd exhibition room

    January 30 (Tue) – March 3 (Sun), 2024
    A Retrospective Exhibition: The 80th Anniversary of the Western-style Painter, Tatsuhiko Okumura

    From March 5 (Tue), 2024
    The Second Joshibi University of Art and Design Gifu Branch Exhibition
    —Gathering of Venus—

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