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Special featured exhibitions

Current exhibitions

  • Special featured exhibition “Genealogy boom in the Edo period”

    Special featured exhibition

    Genealogy boom in the Edo period

    June 5 (Sat) – July 25 (Sun), 2021

    People in the Mino region during the Edo period valued family lineage and history. It is believed that this was because of “kashira-bun-sei,” the class system unique to the Mino region. The “Kashira-bun-sei” class system divides hyakusho (peasants) into the ranks of kashira-byakusho (high-ranking peasants) and waki-byakusho (low-ranking peasants). In the mid-Edo period, however, some waki-byakusho tried promoting themselves to kashira-byakusho, and this led to checking family history.

    The special featured exhibition showcases the family trees and family history records, focusing on the background of creating those records, and the Mino-region’s cultural characteristics.

  • Special featured exhibition Mino carving: Accouterments of swords in Gifu

    Special featured exhibition

    Mino carving: Accouterments of swords in Gifu

    April 10 (Sat) – May 30 (Sun), 2021

    The works of “Mino carving” among our collection are displayed.
    A sword mounting (koshirae) includes fittings such as a sword guard (tsuba), hilt ornaments (menuki), and a small tool (kogai) attached to the sword sheath for hairdressing and ear cleaning. In the Edo period, sword fittings called “Mino-bori (Mino carving)” were created mainly in Gifu. Etching deeply into red copper on a black background, autumn plants and insects are frequently used for design, decorated with gold. Despite the garishness of the decoration, many of them create a subtle and melancholic atmosphere which is another feature of Mino-bori. These elaborate fittings do not stand out when wearing a sword, however, one can say that it was a way for samurai to demonstrate dandyism.

Past exhibitions

  • Ended

    Special exhibition

    Yasunari Kawabata and Kaii Higashiyama: their beauty and literature The second exhibition site

    April 5 (Fri) – May 26 (Sun), 2019

  • Ended

    Special Featured Exhibition

    The 130th anniversary of Gifu City: the Past and Present – from Meiji era to Reiwa era –

    June 7 (Fri) – July 15 (Mon/Holiday), 2019

  • Ended

    Special Featured Exhibition

    Tumuli in Gifu City

    July20 (Sat), 2019 - September 23 (Mon & Holiday), 2019