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Museum’s Choice “130 years after the Nobi Earthquake – the disaster’s records and stories that have been handed down”


Exhibition period: May 29 (Sat) – June 27 (Sun), 2021

October 28th, 2021 marks the 130th year of the Nobi Earthquake that brought tremendous damage to the Mino region in Gifu Prefecture and the Owari region in Aichi Prefecture. The earthquake, occurred in 1891, greatly impacted Japan when it was pushing towards civilization and enlightenment after the Meiji Restoration.
Besides the relief efforts by the government, people were engaged in various relief operations that are still applicable to the present day: public relations; raising donation money; and volunteer activities. They also created brochures detailing the damage and held commemorative events for the victims.
Still fresh in our memory, this year marks the 10th year of the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11th, 2011. The exhibit introduces: what people of the Meiji period thought about the Nobi Earthquake; the efforts they made in order to pass down the stories of the earthquake; and how they have actually been passed down until today, through documents of the time and records at the Shinsai Kinendo, where people continue to hold memorial services and lectures to remember the disaster.

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