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Visitor information

Planned exhibition “Kano Domain: 270 Years of Upholding the Edo Shogunate”


March 25 (Sat)−May 21 (Sun), 2023

In 1601, Tokugawa Ieyasu, after winning the Battle of Sekigahara, built a castle in the Kano Domain and placed his son-in-law, Okudaira Nobumasa, to be the lord of the castle—establishing the Kano Domain. When the Okudaira clan ceased to exist after three generations, the domain was ruled by the Okubo (1632–39), Toda (Matsudaira) (1639–1711), Ando (1711–56), and Nagai (1756–1871) clans—until the Meiji Restoration.
This exhibition features the feudal lords, feudal retainers, townspeople, as well as the villagers of the domain, and traces the 270-year history of the Kano Domain, which supported the Edo shogunate as a hereditary feudal lord.


Event period March 25 (Sat)−May 21 (Sun), 2023
Hours of operation 9:00 am–5:00 pm (Entry until 4:30 pm)
Closed Every Monday (open May 1)
Admission fee 310 yen (250 yen) for high school and up; 150 yen (90 yen) for elementary/junior high school students

* Discounted prices in parentheses are for groups of 20 or more.

* Free admission for those below. (ID/proof required, MIRAIRO ID accepted)

• Gifu-City residents of age 70 or older

• Holders of physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or medical care recipient certificate for intractable diseases and one attendant

• Elementary / Junior high school students in Gifu City

• Junior high school students and younger visitors, and accompanying family members (of high school students and older) on April 16 (Sun) and May 21 (Sun)

Organizer Gifu City
Supported by Gifu Shimbun, Gifu Broadcasting System, Inc.
Venue Gifu City Museum of History

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Slide show presentation by curators
(exhibition commentary)
Date and TimeApril 15 (Sat) 2:00 pm–3:00 pm (doors open at 1:30 pm)
May 14 (Sun) 10:00 am–11:00 am (doors open at 9:30 am)
Capacity170 visitors per session (first-come, first-served)
EligibilityMust be a visitor
PlaceAuditorium, 1st floor
Participation FeeFree (but admission fee is required)
* No registration required in advance

Preventative Measures Against Covid-19 are Implemented

●Please disinfect your hands and take your temperature before entering the museum.

●Please note that admission may be restricted depending on how crowded the museum is. Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated.

●The exhibition period may be subject to change or cancellation depending on the spread of Covid-19.

●Preventative measures against Covid-19 are subject to change.

Main Exhibition Works

  • National Treasure: a copy of Hosho(one of official documents) written by Ando Nobutomo

    Original: 1731
    Owned by the Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo
    Exhibition Period: March 25 (Sat)−May 7 (Sun)

  • Kosode (a type of kimono) made of yellow and light navy-striped fabric with Japanese crests of water plantain

    Early Edo period, early 17th century
    Private collection
    Exhibition Period: March 25 (Sat)−April 23 (Sun)

  • Kosode with a red twill weave pattern depicting a scene from a well-known story

    Early Edo period, early 17th century
    Private collection
    Exhibition Period: April 25 (Tue)−May 21 (Sun)

  • Gifu City Designated Cultural Property, Portrait of Okudaira Nobumasa (section) and Kamehime (section)

    Early Edo period, early 17th century
    Owned by Seitokuji Temple (Gifu City)
    Exhibition Period: April 25 (Tue)−May 21 (Sun)

  • The Sixty-nine Stations of Kiso Road, Kano

    Circa 1837-38, Painting by Utagawa Hiroshige
    Owned by the Gifu City Museum of History
    Exhibition Period: March 25 (Sat)−April 23 (Sun)

  • A Picture Scroll of the Procession of the Nagai Family, Lord and retainers of the Kano domain (section)

    Meiji period, 19th-20th century, Paintings by Yawata Saneaki
    Owned by the Gifu City Museum of History
    * The scroll will be replaced with one of a different volume during the exhibition.

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