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Museum’s Choice


Exhibition period: July 11 (Sat) – August 23 (Sun), 2020

* Special exhibition room is closed from August 3 (Mon) through 7 (Fri) due to exhibition changes.

The museum’s collections and deposited items are on display.

1st exhibition room

Toyotomi vs. Tokugawa 
July 11 (Sat) – August 2 (Sun), 2020

 This exhibition showcases the history of battles after the Honno-ji Incident (1582), such as the Battle of Sekigahara and the Siege of Osaka, through the art work and historical documents owned by Gifu City Museum.

 * This exhibition was originally scheduled to be open from April 4 (Sat) through May 10 (Sun), 2020, but was postponed due to museum’s temporary closure since April 7.

Fine Artifacts Deposited at the Museum II – for the society with “new social behavior” – 
August 8 (Sat) – 23 (Sun), 2020

 Following the previous exhibition “Fine Artifacts Deposited at the Museum” (May 22 – July 5), it displays some of the most outstanding pieces from the collection of Gifu City Museum of History. While keeping the museum’s collection as the main display, this exhibition also showcases some of the recommended items for the life with COVID-19, in a society with “new social behavior.”

2nd exhibition room

Stories from Gifu’s History: Traditional Art and Beauty
July 11 (Sat) – August 2 (Sun), 2020
August 8 (Sat) – August 23 (Sun), 2020

 This exhibition displays the history of Gifu City through the archaeological and historical documents and paintings from the primitive period to modern times, except for the Sengoku period (late 15th century – late 16th century).

 It also showcases the exquisite traditional crafts that the citizens of Gifu City are proud of, such as Gifu Japanese umbrellas.

 * This exhibition has been open since April 4 (Sat), 2020. It continues to be open with switching exhibits along the themes of “Stories from Gifu’s History” and “Traditional Art and Beauty.”

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