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Visitor information


  • The former Yanaizu Town Museum of History and Folklore was established as an addition to the “Moegi no Sato” complex in April, 2000. On January 1, 2006, it was renamed “Yanaizu Town Room of History and Folklore” and relocated to the auxiliary room of Gifu City Museum of History. Then on October 8, 2016, it was re-envisioned as the “Hara Sankei Memorial Room.”
    It strives to be a place where people can learn from exceptional local predecessors, to share their dreams and ambitions, and to celebrate their lives.

  • Interior view of Hara Sankei Memorial Room

About Sankei Hara

  • Portrait of Sankei Hara
  • Sankei Hara (1868-1939) was born in Yanaizu-cho in Gifu City. He was a businessman who managed the Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage site, and made significant strides in modernizing Japan.
    Moreover, he played an active part in various fields such as collecting antique art, tea ceremony, supporting artists and other social contributions.

Exhibition contents

Please visit the Japanese site for the exhibition contents.

Visitor information


1-15 Shimosaba Nishi, Yanaizu-cho, Gifu City, 501-6121 2nd floor of “Moegi no Sato”
TEL 058-270-1080 (Moegi no Sato)


  • Every Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a national holiday)
  • The day after a national holiday
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 28 to January 3)

Hours of operation

9:00 am–5:00 pm

Admission fee



By train

From Nagoya area

Meitetsu Nagoya Station — Kasamatsu Station — Yanaizu Station
The Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line / The Meitetsu Takehana Line, about 36 minutes

From Gifu area

Meitetsu Gifu Station — Kasamatsu Station — Yanaizu Station
The Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line / The Meitetsu Takehana Line, about 13 minutes

From Yanaizu Station to Moegi no Sato
  • Sakaigawa Rakuchan Bus (Red Route) [Gifu City Community Bus]
    Meitetsu Yanaizu Station — Yanaizu Moegi no Sato  About 8 minutes
  • About 7 minutes by taxi
  • About 25 minutes on foot

By route bus (from Meitetsu Gifu Station / JR Gifu Station)

Please take the “Akanabe Mitahora Line” on Gifu bus.

The Gifu Bus Akanabe Mitahora Line

  • Take a bus bound for Shimosaba / Colorful Town. Get off at “Shimosaba” stop and walk for 2 minutes.
  • Take a bus bound for Moegi no Sato / Takakuwa. Get off at “Moegi-no-Sato” stop. Moegi no Sato is in a short walking distance from there.

* The buses above are available at Meitetsu Gifu Station Bus Terminal No.2 and JR Gifu Station Bus Terminal No.4.
Click here for information on the bus terminals at JR Gifu Station and Meitetsu Gifu Station. 
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Meitetsu Gifu — JR Gifu — Shimosaba (about 30 minutes) — Walk (2 minutes)
Meitetsu Gifu — JR Gifu — Moegi no Sato (about 35 minutes) — A short walk

By taxi

  • About 7 minutes from Meitetsu Yanaizu Station to Moegi no Sato
  • About 25 minutes from Meitetsu Gifu Station or JR Gifu Station to Moegi no Sato

By car

About 15 minutes from Gifu Hashima IC Exit on the Meishin Expressway
About 40 minutes from Gifu-Miwa Smart IC Exit on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway
Moegi no Sato parking is available

By car