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Visitor information

Museum overview

Exterior view of Gifu City Museum of History

Purpose and characteristics of the facility


To provide a place for citizens to appreciate, learn and study the history and culture of their hometown of Gifu; to preserve documents and to contribute to the development of a rich cultural community.


  • With “The history of Mt. Kinka and the culture of the Nagara River basin” as the main theme, the museum exhibits a wide range of material concerning history of Gifu City; the politics, economy, society and culture.
  • A museum that integrates collection, storage, exhibition and research and dissemination.
  • A museum that serves as an information center for citizens’ local studies and cultural activities.
  • A museum that citizens feel familiar with and has connection with school education system.

(Source: The basic design of Gifu City Museum of History)

Outline of the building

Location2-18-1 Omiya-cho, Gifu City
Construction area2159.48㎡
Total floor area5802.94㎡
ConstructionSteel reinforced concrete three-story building
Completion dateMarch 25, 1985